Desert Bloom Body Lotion |MADE W ESSENTIAL OILS

The Desert Bloom body lotion is a well balanced aromatherapy lotion with a blend of Pure Aloe Vera Gel, skin conditioning Jojoba Oil and Organic Essential Oils that hydrate dry skin and boost the senses. Also recommended to use when massaging.

Some of the Organic Essential Oils are;

Basil Oil; Awakens the mind gives clarity of thought and relaxes the nerves. Cucumber Oil; Enchances skin radiance, keeps skin supple and soft, calms mind. Lavender Oil; Calms and relaxes also has healing effect on skin, helps prevent scarring. Peppermint Oil; Cools and refreshes, stimulates the mind, calms skin irritation. Petitgrain /Citrus Leaf Oil; Relieves stress, increases skin circulation and helps prevent stretchmarks.

Natural Herbal Extracts;

Green Tea Leaf Extract; Useful for minor cuts and rashes.

Nettle Extract; Helps reduce skin irritation, redness, itching and inflammatory reactions.

What makes this lotion special is that’s locally made here in Aruba (Aruba Aloe) and made with the Pure Aloe Vera Gel from the Island it self. The lotion doesn’t leave your skin with residue or sticky it absorbs quick leaving your skin smooth.

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