Current Fav 💜 Essential Oils

This obsession began last year when (even before) I first bought my diffuser it was like one more item scrapped from my wishlist. Since then I have been really loving everything essential oils can do like improving your health depending on what you have or suffer from.

I’ve tried Nature’s Truth essential oils before and they have some lovely essential oils as well. Any essential oil I have bought so far all of them are good/ high quality oils I totally recommend all of them.

Eucalyptus Oil Benefits
Helps Respiratory conditions • Fights Infections • Improves Earaches • Boost Mental Clarity • Improves Seasonal Allergies • Repel Rats • Relieves Cough

Italian Jasmine Oil Benefits
Fade Scar Marks • Treats Insomnia •Treats Spasms • Protects the Uterus • Stimulates Sexual Desires • Relieves Depression Antimicrobial 

Lavender Oil Benefits
Reduces Anxiety • Emotional Stress • Slow aging with powerful antioxidants • Help heal burn and wounds • Improve sleep • Protects against diabetes symptoms • Improve brain function •  Relieve Headaches

Kamfer Oil Benefits Prevents Skin Infections • Improves Circulation • Relieves Congestion •  Eliminates Gas • Reduces Nervous Disorders • Reduces Inflammation • Relaxes Nerves and Brain.

These four oils you can use it to on a daily basis in your favorite diffuser (2 or 3 drops). Oils have changed the entire game it’s definitely a game changer. Especially for people that like all natural products oils is the way to go. They are very soothing, relaxing, leaves your room smelling good  while the diffuser is on ofcourse and good for your health! 

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