This is a moisturizer based lightening soap it’s going to help lighten you dull and dark skin. Very very effective if you have acne prone skin, pimples, spots, black/white heads, wrinkles and freckles. It does NOT bleach your skin!

I’ve used Dermaline Soap a few times (for several years) and for some reason I always go back to it because it really helps to clear up my acne spots and brights up my complexion.


Titanium Dioxide, TCC (Triclocarban),Lanolin, EDTA, Glycerin, Aloe Vera,Vitamin E, Fragrance, Sodium Tallowate,Water.

Titanium Dioxide : Mineral used as thickening, whitening and lubricating.
TCC: Antibacterial
Lanolin: Tightening, gives healthy glow, diminish fine lines and moisturizes.
EDTA: Helps bind certain minerals oins to inactive them. Also maintains clarity, protects fragrance, prevents odor or flavors.
Glycerin: Good for sensitive skin, moisturizing and healtht skin.
Aloe Vera: Repairs, heals skin, good for scars and blemishes.
Vitamin E: Elasticity, antioxidant, soothes and moisturizes.
Sodium Tallowate: Excellent surfactant (found in natural soap) helps bind soap to the dirt and oil on your skin as you wash your face the dirt goes with it.

*After washing your face make sure to use a good hydrating moisturizer and if it’s daytime always use a moisturizer with sunscreen.

Dermaline soap is originally from Dominican Republic made by ‘Laboratorios Contifarma S.A‘. 

I can definitely see a change in my skin I see those acne spots are lighter and my skin is brighter and clearer. It doesn’t leave your skin dry or oily. Right after you wash your face you’ll feel your skin soft and smooth.  

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