Coffee Night & ROTI |🌸CHITCHAT🌸

Saturday – my boyfriend, my son and I went to Café The Plaza it’s a Dutch owned bar and restaurant. I ordered a Mimosa it was okay not actually my favorite, my boyfriend ordered Jack Daniels with Sprite and my son home made Ice Tea. After the drinks I ordered Patat Special (=Fries Special) which is fries, mayonaise, curry sauce and onions. It was so appetizing full of flavor definitely a good snack. (I forgot taking a picture of the fries ..Sorry!)

If you know me you know I’m a coffee addict or fanatic how you would like to call it. I couldn’t go without drinking a Cappuccino from Smit & Dorlas with the cappuccino I got a free Butter Cookie. It was a strong coffee but a good one.

Smith & Dorlas

Sunday – we were at home all day by the time it was 12 in the afternoon or maybe even before that my boyfriend had made the curry chicken for the Roti. That specific dish was just so good I ate twice that same sunday also we did add some Papaya Hot Sauce. The Papaya Hot Sauce is native to Aruba you can buy this everywhere on the island. This will give the Roti that perfect amount of spice. We didn’t add it in the entire food because of the kids. You should try it!

The overall experience, food and drinks was very pleasant. We had a great time😊

What did you do eat during the weekend?

🖤Today’s Message 🖤

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