My Top 5 Netflix Tv Series | October 2019


The Greenleaf Family runs a mega church in Memphis, Calvary Fellowship World Ministries. A very loving and caring family. Beneath it all there are secrets, lies, greed, adultery. Siblings problems that can threaten the family’s faith and possibly tear the group apart. All uncovered by Grace after she returned back home after twenty years.

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When Beth and Annie and their best friend Ruby become fed up with playing by the rules, not getting respect that they deserve in their day to day lives. They only got eachother and together they can take control of their lives. Beth is the perfect wife and mother but her cheating husband has sent her family into a financial disaster. Ruby is happily married to a policeman and cannot afford medical bills and experimental drugs to help her daughter. And Annie is a single mom she is in a custody battle with her ex. In desperate need of money the women plan to rob to ease their financial problems.

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When they (Grace and Frankie) learn that their husbands have fallen in love with eachother and want to get married, everything is falling apart for both Grace and Frankie. The only thing is that they only can rely on eachother and both decide to move in with eachother for support.

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Professor Annalise Keating is a professor of Defense Law she teaches a class named ‘How to get away with murder’. She selects a group of students to help assist with cases at her firm. Many mysteries that reveals all truths. Very suspenseful and well put together.. a must watch!

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A single mom must help and hide her sons super powers to protect him while investigating why or how her husband died. Raising Dion is family friendly movie I would say.. my kids loved it!

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Favorite Songs (at the moment)

  1. Rosalia, J balvin ft. El Guincho – Con Altura
  2. Jorja Smith ft. Burna Boy – Be Honest
  3. Rosalia, Ozuna – Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi
  4. J Balvin x Bad Bunny – La Cancion
  5. Arcangel – Invicto

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