First of all you have to figure yourself out..think, (re) discover, learn who you really are or who you want to be. Surround yourself with people or have someone that wants you to be better.

In this life you need one person (friend, family, or boyfriend) this person is going to guide you through this journey but at the end it’s your job to do most of the job. That person is going to show you the world on a different aspect the good the bad and the ugly. You are going to understand that you aren’t always right, the world is not how it seems in you head you will ask yourself all these questions ( How should I do this?, Why should I do it?, Is this going to benefit you for the rest of your life?) You’ll have to ask questions and answer these questions, learn and feel.

Set boundaries do not allow other people’s (outsiders) influence your journey  or your new way of thinking. It’s okay not to be a follower it’s okay to have your own thoughts and opinions everyone should respect that.

Allow your mind and heart to be open to new things, don’t block it try to be as open as you can. We all have/had our old ways it’s not easy at first but you can do it! It’s a process but definitely worth it!

Everything in life takes time as soon as you take that time for yourself you will get know yourself, accept yourself and love yourself even more. Remember everyday is a good day to start. Today is a new start a new beginning to self discovery/ authenticity  journey. I never thought that someone as hard headed as me could ever change the mindset I grew up with. I’m not still there but I’m getting there I’m proud of myself I never thought that I would said that before. When you’ve been through so much pain and confusen you block your feelings, communication and your thoughts..

I came to a realization that everything is possible, we are the ones limiting ourselves even people around you limit you  from change, being a better human being. Praying daily helps me being calm, being positive, trust youself, the change and set goals!

🎇☕💕 What do you do to better yourself, re-discovering yourself and taking care of yourself? 🎇☕💕


  1. These tips are really great! I’ve personally used them when I was feeling lost and just not my best self & they definitely helped me regain a sense of purpose and be stronger than before, thank you for posting

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