Do You Believe In The Afterlife? | Spirituality πŸ‘»

I always had a fascination for the “Unknown” or shall I say Ghost, the Afterlife or Spirituality?

Some people believe that Spirituality is part of religion, people that are not religious still seek and have spiritual experiences. In a persons life it can mean different things search of God, Supernatural, the Afterlife everyone deals with it on their own way and time.

The spiritual life is both deep and transcendent.– Thomas Moore

The first thing many people think when they hear the word Spiritual [Spirituality] is demon or anything negative. But many times is our minds tricking our thoughts. Spiritual has many meanings like I said previously.

When somebody dies I think what would be on the other side, is it heaven, a dark place or hell? Or nothing at all?

One of my favourite verses from the Bible

My opinion is that everything we do in the present or future will be held against us on the otherside or maybe I’m wrong. I also do believe we should treat eachother with love, kindness and respect. When we die our physical body rots away but our soul stays alive. That’s why some of you can connect with the souls in the afterlife.

In the Universe weird and unexplainable things exist and do occur. Our human brains can’t comprehend and many of us go into denial and ignorance. It’s healthy to have a open mind to everything to learn, see and feel.

On Huff Paranormal’s website he wrote an article regarding ‘Working with God, Love, Light and Positivity’ you can read it here. He writes about his theory about God, Angels, The Afterlife etc …

What are your thoughts on the Afterlife and GhostsπŸ‘» ??


  1. I love hearing people’s thoughts on this topic. Personally, I believe in the idea that spirits can move amongst us, including not only ‘negative’ or ‘vengeful’ spirits, but also the spirits of our loved ones who have passed on, watching over us like a guardian angel.

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    1. Hii Britt K πŸ–€ you are absolutely right


  2. rsleejones says:

    Love this post!! I do believe in the afterlife, the thing im more sceptical of is if there is a heaven/hell/god.. the religious sise of it blows my mind and I have too many questions/theories that cant be answered x

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    1. Hiii ❀ I know what you mean there are too many questions and no answers but that’s also the beauty of the universe πŸ˜‰ the unknown, the mystery.. love it


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