Do You Believe In The Afterlife? | Spirituality 👻

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Before you say anything you are probably thinking why is she writing about ghost, if we are in the Holiday season. The reason is simple I was watching Huff Paranormal by the way I have been watching him for over four or five years, I enjoy the content that he has been putting out for several years now.

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  1. I love hearing people’s thoughts on this topic. Personally, I believe in the idea that spirits can move amongst us, including not only ‘negative’ or ‘vengeful’ spirits, but also the spirits of our loved ones who have passed on, watching over us like a guardian angel.

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    1. Hii Britt K 🖤 you are absolutely right


  2. rsleejones says:

    Love this post!! I do believe in the afterlife, the thing im more sceptical of is if there is a heaven/hell/god.. the religious sise of it blows my mind and I have too many questions/theories that cant be answered x

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    1. Hiii ❤ I know what you mean there are too many questions and no answers but that’s also the beauty of the universe 😉 the unknown, the mystery.. love it


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