Random FACTS About Me | 🌸 Chitchat 🌸

At first I found this post so silly for me to write because I can be so random sometimes but on the other hand it’s also a great way for you to get to know me a little bit. I’m pretty sure there are more things that need to be added to this list, here are just a few.

Here are some randoms facts about me:

1. I’m so random some days you will find me cleaning my house at 7pm.

2. I love listening to music songs connects with my soul.

3.Love learning and tasting food is heavenly.

4. Coffee lover  from frappuccino to hot latte.

5. Sometimes I will be thinking not one or two things but allot of different thoughts all at once (events  or situations) when I want to talk I don’t say all my thoughts at once I might forget too. If important I take notes.

6. I am adopted.

7. Tv series I like are; Jane the virgin, Fear the walking dead, Sex and the City, Smilf, Grace & Frankie, Santa Clarita Diet, Fuller House and Punisher. (Recently I watched The Irishman loved it!)

8. I speak four languages Spanish, Dutch, English and Papiamento.

9. I don’t like downloading games on my phone, the only game I have on my phone is Word Search.

10. I love history books, vintage art, documentary movies, crossword books, and organizing.

Here I’ve got five extra ‘FACTS about me’ just for you ♡

11. I always buy note books and almost never use them, unless I remember I have them.

12. Don’t like watching Spanish Tv Series and/or Movies.

13. Bad at translating (example: I know what it means in English or Dutch but can be challenging for me to translate or find the word for it).

14. Don’t have the patience to read a book.

15. I’m pro Feminism!

🌺 I hope you have enjoyed this post 🌺 Today I’m heading back to work, wishing all my fellow blogger friends and readers a happy week filled with compasion, love and light! 🎇

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