Island Remedy vs. Desert Bloom Hand Lotion |Which one is better?

Both of these hand lotions are especially formulated to protect against the daily damaged caused by environmental exposure of the hands. To give your hands EXTRA protection silicone is added to make sure that your hands stay a longer period of time moisturized, even after washing your hands  it’s a quick absorbing hand lotion. Both of the hand lotions is recommended for all skin types!


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Island Remedy Hand lotion  is ideal for dry hands this hand lotion is enriched  with Natural Plant Extracts. Quick absorbing, lightweight, clean light scented. Very refreshing!

Lemongrass Extract:  Cleanses the skin

Horsetail Extract:  Soothes and firms

Hops Extract:  Helps to relieve skin irritation

Soap Bark Extract:  Helps tone and clean 


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Desert Bloom is an aromatherapy formula enriched with Essential Natural Plant Extracts from Egypt and Organic Essential Oils. Soothes your senses and hydrates your skin.

Peppermint Oil:  Cools and refreshes, stimulates the mind and calms skin irritation.

Lavender Oil:  Calms and relaxes, healing effect on the skin and helps prevent scarring.

Arnica Flower Extract:  Stimulates the skin and adds a fresh after feel.

Nettle Extract:  Reduces skin irritation, redness, itching and inflammatory reactions.

I don’t dislike neither of them these two hand lotions they both perform as good and have the same price. Some days I prefer using the Desert Bloom Hand lotion and on other days Island Remedy it all depends how I’m feeling and how my skin is. They both feel differently when applying on your skin. Question: Which of these two would YOU choose?

Today’s Quote: The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

2 thoughts on “Island Remedy vs. Desert Bloom Hand Lotion |Which one is better?

  1. Hand lotions are such a must ! I don’t know these brands as I’m in South Africa but I loved the post ! Keep it up.
    PS – i love your photo outlay. 😊

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