Shop at Latina Owned Brands #2

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I’ve been working on this post almost week and I do this for the love of my culture my community. I don’t gain anything by doing this it just feels good to help others the way I can. And that’s the reason why I want to help promote other brands. In this post not all of them are Latinx [Latina] but that doesn’t matter right? We are here for every hard working individual, doesn’t matter the color, race or religion!

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  1. Kat says:

    Some really great looking brands on here! Thank so much for sharing can’t wait to have a look at these more!

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    1. Hi Kat! Thank you for reading and commenting, I also do appreciate the art that these small brands come up with, their hard work and dedication. We should support them more x


  2. Thank you for curating this list — I think this type of support is often overlooked (mostly by White people, like me). I will be checking out these brands and supporting them.

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    1. Hi Molly! Thank for your sincere and honest comment, I love when I can help others discover small brands. These small brands dedicate and work so hard to create these products for us. It’s really fulfilling to me being able to do this without getting something in return. I love it! x

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  3. Enn says:

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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    1. Hi Enn, you’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it! x


  4. HIII!!! I love that you’ve done a Latina owed blog post!!! I fell down the rabbit hole searching for more Latina owned businesses after this post!

    Also I nominated you for the Ideal Inspiration Award please see my post ->

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    1. I feel so happy that you enjoyed this post 😊💕 thank you for always supporting! AWH thank you!! I’m honored.. appreciate it! X

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      1. Xox. Ya it really made me sit up and take notice of all the brands that are latinax that I never knew existed

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      2. I felt the same way…it was a long research to find these brands.

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