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My mind is always thinking ten things at the same time which cost me a dang headache, but the point is sometimes we need our moms some of us do get that support and many of us don’t and do everything on our own. And it’s the exactly same thing with our kids some will need us more than others.

At this given moment I have a headache just thinking all the things I still need to do or what I should be doing. Moms also need support, love and attention we work around the clock!

A few tips on how to support yourself

1 . Support yourself by keeping a journal. Write down your thoughts and progress on a weekly or daily basis. Record everything from thoughts to actions and you’ll see the progress over time.

2 . Understand your needs and boundaries. Identifying my values lead me to recognize what my needs are.

3 . Discover your values. Discovering what I deeply value physical, mental health, kindness, authentic connection with myself and others.

4 . Practice self-compassion. Helps you acknowledge when you are going through a hard time and release judgments toward yourself, which then opens you up to self love.

5 . Keep a good sense of humor.

6. Be proud of yourself. Whether it is small or big accomplishments or just life in general, you have to believe in yourself.

7. Exercise. Walk outside or on your treadmill or do yoga or just choose a class where you feel comfortable in. If you feel more comfortable doing exercise you do it with a music of your choice! 15, 20 or 30 minutes a day will help your metabolism which in return helps your mood.

And I’m sure there are more to be added to this list with that being said I would like to know what would you add to this list…

“If nobody knocks your door, knock your own door! The most precious support for you is the support you give yourself!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

It’s important for our mental health to stay positive because at the ends all have our ups and down but we should remain strong because our children rely on us to be there for them! What have you been struggling with as of recently?

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