Sofia Vergara 🧡 Tempting Paradise Perfume Collection

Sofia Vergara launched Tempting Paradise in 2017. In an interview Vergara said:

 ” My idea of paradise is relaxing on a tropical island,surrounded by the familiar scent of exotic flowers and fruits. I created Tempting Paradise to allow a woman to escape to her own tropical mini-vacation”.

This perfume was created by International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) Senior Perfumer Laurent Le Guernec. 

“While I was in Colombia, I was intrigued by Sofia’s favorite fruit, the Lulo fruit; a complex fruit that was juicy, sweet and sparkling- I would crave it! Mixed with the colorful and vibrant culture that is addictive, I knew Lulo fruit would be the perfect note to capture it”

Said Le Guernec

It has the most fresh, floral, fruit summery scent. You can use it day and night , perfect for everyday use. The fragrance is combined  the popular Colombian fruit Lulo with notes of Clementine, Magnolia, Guava Flower, Coconut Water and Sandalwood. A hint of Musk and Peony has been added as well.

The hourglass shaped flacon “reflects a distinct feminine form and a striking interpretation of Vergara’s curves, both femininity and sensuality” says the brand. Besides having the most vibrant colors it has the cutest design of flowers on the packaging.

When I went to a well known perfumery  Maggy’s Aruba there were lots of different perfumes, from the most expensive to the less expensive. As soon as I smelled it I was immediately obsessed! In this big box the three products came in it the perfume, body shimmer lotion and the small roll on perfume. This perfume is definitely something to wear in the summer!

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