Spray Hand Sanitizer 🌱 πŸ’¦ 80% Alcohol by Aruba Aloe

Nowadays we are all on the hunt for hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, small travel size disinfecting products etc… we have become quite obsessed right? Or it’s just me? Oh well!


  1. For a while, it was impossible to find hand sanitizer anywhere around here. You settled for whatever you could find, like it or not. Now that the stores and manufacturers have managed to catch up with the demand, we can start making purchase decisions based on the products that we like best lol! The fact that this is an aloe-based product intrigues me!

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    1. Hi Brit! That’s exactly accurate.. now there’s so much options out there! here’s the link to the Hand Sanitizer but in gel form: https://arubaaloe.com/products/aa-gel-hand-sanitizer-bottle-12-fl-oz (not sponsored)


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