Moments for life..Sushi Date Night ❤

We did ate a roll of ‘Dragon Roll’ has cream cheese, shrimp, avocado, rice, nori sheet and cucumber and ‘Takara Roll’ is made from eel, cream cheese, crab and wakame is the green vegetable you see in the center of the plate.

This is the view from Mojito’s Bar & Restaurant

Then we went to Mojito’s Bar & Restaurant located in Royal Plaza Mall we both decided to try this cocktail called ‘Hulk’ or ‘Green Monster’ it’s made from Rum, Vodka, Blue Curacao, Banana Liqueur, Amaretto, Pineapple and Orange Juice. It had a REALLY strong flavor not bad but it wouldn’t be my go to drink.

Before we went to bed we spend time with each other he put my face mask on and I put his on. I couldn’t for more it was really relaxing,  A few days before we bought several masks to try. We both tried out a charcoal sheet mask. It’s strange how both of them are charcoal with different colors. He tried Célavi Charcoal Purify and Refine facial sheet mask it says it’s suppose to absorb impurities, detoxifies and minimizes pores. And I tried on the Pure Radiance by Cala Charcoal Facial Mask Sheet it says it’s detoxifying and has vitamin E and collagen. 

You look back at these pictures and you realize how lucky you are to be where you are and with whom. I was never a person to talk my feelings, but ever since you are here by my side everything is much better you brought more light✨ love♥️ positivity 😀 warmth and laughter 🍀

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