September 2020| ๐Ÿ’•Life Update๐Ÿ’•

And you know it is not only one thing it’s a COMBINATION of thoughts, feelings and the circumstances. I truly think a lot of us have been going though it mentally regarding the constant changes that keep happening everyday, every week or monthly.

It coming to this point that other people are choosing what we can and what we cannot do and my thoughts about Covid-19 are staying with me which means I’m not sharing my thought about this topic and also I do respect any other opinion regarding this.

It’s like not having the life you used to live and I’m okay with that because changes happen all the time what bothers me is that my kids and sooo many other children have to experience this constant change and not being able to have a ‘normal’ childhood like I use to have. It’s very frustrating sometimes more than others.

Can any parent explain to me their feelings and how they are dealing with it.. Everday is a challenge and almost everyday there’s a change in how we are suppose to live and what to do with our lives. As a mom of two I’m constantly worried about my children and how they are doing, are they washing their hands, are they eating?, with who are they playing with?, are the kids they playing with not sick?. It’s so stressful, mentally and physically draining. For the most part I’m very positive and love sharing positivity with others but the last few months/ days it has been a rollercoaster.

I’m currently working at my full time job in the Retail Department it requires you to smile even behind the face mask, have a positive attitude and I’m doing good in that part because life goes on and I need my job to pay for my monthly expenses. After working 6 hours and not getting paid my full salary because of the situation it causes mental stress for myself because I have this list with all the expenses that I need to pay and sometimes I can’t even pay all of them because of my low income and God knows when it all goes back to normal.

Besides the circumstances I’m grateful and apreciatitive for my kids and my partner which I have full of his support during these times! I pray for love, light, for all the sick people, I pray that God have mercy on us all innocent people. Protect us from all evil people and from these governments. I pray for faith, hope, protection from this virus, for all the children and for all those who aren’t here with us today. And I’m gonna keep on praying because like I always say Faith and Hope are the two things that I won’t stop having.

I would love to hear about other parents regarding their current situations and how they manage and what they are doing for their own mental health. For the most part it’s a “one day at a time” kind of thing, try to focus on today what can I do today to be better or to manage the situation better. I’m hopeful and know all of this will pass…


15 thoughts on “September 2020| ๐Ÿ’•Life Update๐Ÿ’•

  1. As a parent myself, I know how you worry as my children are back at school too. Being a small and close knit school, we are constantly watching out for each other and reminding to wash their hands and keep safe….

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  2. I totally understand your feelings. These last couple of months have certainly been stressful, my province was almost fully opened up but now we’re back to orange alert (next is red ie lockdown) and it’s exhausting for sure. Being a parent of young children must certainly be hard and scary!

    I hope that you feel better and that soon you’ll get paid your full wages. I’m glad that you’re doing well.


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