Favorite Netflix Tv Shows/Movies & Music Playlist | October 2020

This month I have a few to share with you and I

Tv Shows & Movies

The Barrier  | La Valla


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In 2045, Spain like the rest of the western world has been driven into a dictatorial regime by the lack of natural resources. Life in the countryside is impossible, and in the city a fence divides peoples into the powerful, and the rest. *New episodes every Friday*.

The Haunting Of Bly Manor

Drama, Horror, Mystery

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After an au pairโ€™s tragic death, Henry hires a young American nanny to care for his orphaned niece and nephew who reside at Bly Manor with the chef Owen, groundskeeper Jamie and housekeeper, Mrs. Grose.

To The Lake

Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A terrible plague strikes and a group decides to risk their lives. Humanity struggles to survive ad they face the end of their civilization.

BOO! 2 A Madea Halloween

Comedy, Drama, Horror

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Madea, Bam, and Hattie venture to a haunted campground and the group must run for their lives when monsters, goblins, and the boogeyman are unleashed.

Hubie Halloween

Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery

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Despite his devotion to his hometown of Salem (and its Halloween celebration), Hubie Dubois is a figure of mockery for kids and adults alike. But this year, something is going bump in the night, and it’s up to Hubie to save Halloween.

The Barrier is my weekly favorite tv show at the moment I shower my kids put them to bed prepare a snack and watch the whole 40 ish minutes and enjoy every minute of it. I’m currently on Ep.6 I think and I can’t wait for friday to see the new episode! It’s a futuristic, apocalypse, virus and trying to survive series.

The Haunting Of Bly Manor I watched the while first season in just few days I thought it would be like a follow up from The Haunting Of Hill House I was suprised it wasn’t! It goes much deeper at the end, one lady that has been murdered haunts the whole place and because of her all of the other people who died stay trapped in the house until the very end they’re released but it isn’t over yet..

To The Lake is about a virus / zombies that infect others but some of them behave almost like their old self this group of people are trying to survive. They are trying to get out of the city to go to a lake safely but along the way many scary things happen..

Boo! 2A Madea Halloween is a classic Tyler Perry movie with lots of comedy yet horror is involved! A fun movie for the young teens!

Hubie Halloween is really fun for the entire family to watch. Halloween in Salem a lot of comedy but at the end a great message that’s why I always enjoyed Adam Sandler’s movies he is very conscious about the movies he creates movies with a meaningful message for this generation and the next one. Love all his movies!

Playlist ๐ŸŽถ

Leona Lewis – Happy

Mariah Carey – Hero

Luther Vandross ft. Mariah Carey – Endless love

Mariah Carey – When you believe

Sade – Smooth operator

Sade – Your love is a king

Ozuna x Doja Cat x Sia – Del mar

Since autumn is here I have this R&B vibe going on and yes listening to 90’s 00’s R&Band even from the 80’s. It relaxes me and go with the flow especially when cleaning. What is your favorite song at the moment?


7 thoughts on “Favorite Netflix Tv Shows/Movies & Music Playlist | October 2020

  1. This is great!
    I’ve been wanting to watch Hubie Halloween. I know of one of the kid actors on their… indirectly & through a mutual contact though.
    The Haunting of Bly Manor sounds promising. I will have to check that out though I don’t usually watch a lot of scary movies ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Love this. Very Halloween ready even though I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween. I get scared easily lol I don’t have a current fave song at the moment. But I agree with r&b being the go to autumn/winter. Makes me want a boo to cuddle with lol

    Liked by 1 person

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