5 LINKS I Currently LOVE!! | November 2020

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Wishing all of my lovely readers and blogger friends a happy, healthy, joyful November 2020! I hope that we can still find peace, love and strength during these times of constant change and uncertainties.

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  1. It’s very good of you to share. Thank you. I willbe visiting them.

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  2. I have just been to Oils We Love. the site has a lot of amazing things going on there.

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    1. Yess I know! So many usefull beauty tìps!🌸


  3. Helen says:

    The websites that you love seems to reflect your interests and personality

    A website that I love is a blogging channel on YouTube called This Gathered Nest about a family with 8 bio and adopted kids

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    1. Hiii Helen🌸 I def will be checking out that YT channel later in the day😊 do you have another favorite??

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      1. Helen says:

        On YouTube? there’s another channel that I’ve been watching called Slice ‘n Rice about an interracial black and Korean couple. They’re hilarious 🙂

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      2. I’m actually subscribed to Slice ‘n Rice they’re sooo fun to watch!

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      3. Helen says:

        Awesome! I actually discovered them two months ago. I spent a few hours watching several of their videos. just so hilarious. Love it

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