Three things I’m grateful for today💕

Some days can go so smooth and the next minute you’re like: ‘why though..why?”. In the pandemic it can make you feel worse I don’t know why maybe it has to do with the fact that you’re going through so much already and you want things go your way (or smoother I should say) but honey it won’t… in this life and in the next one unexpected things and situations will keep on happening and you will and won’t have control over it.

And now comes the part of gratefulness in what moment does gratefulness play a role in your life? Are you being grateful for the sad moments which will help strengthen you afterwards, being alone or having family around?

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Today I am Grateful For

Our health : meaning my family and I

Roof above our heads: having a place we call home even if it’s temporary

Having food on the table: able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner

A job: being able to a have a job and get paid end of the month to pay all the bills

Being all together: fills my heart and soul with tranquility, love, satisfaction all four of us being together

Being me: having myself and love who I am

Spiritual: meditate and prayer in all circumstances

Good and Bad days: all the good days you cherish beautiful moments and on the bad and your worst days eventually it will motivate, strengthen your abilities and your mindset.

A question for you; What are you grateful for on this day?

Today’s message“🍁🍃🌹 When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” ~ Anthony Robbins

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  1. Awesome post! Today I’m grateful for a good nights sleep, my family & their health, my job, summer is coming, food to eat & how my make up looks today! Thanks for sharing 😍

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    1. You’re welcome😊there’s so much to be grateful for! Thank you for sharing

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  2. A great reminder to do daily gratitude tasks. I’m grateful for good health, company and escaping in an interesting book. Thank you for sharing dear.


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    1. Hi Tajinder💜 that’s right! Thank you for sharing all the things you’re grateful for, it’s a good exercise to do on a daily basis.

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  3. Rachel says:

    Just being safe and able to enjoy delicious food. 😀

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    1. Hi Rachel! Yes!! One more reason to be grateful💕 thank you for sharing. Happy saturday!


  4. Lovely post! You make me happy reading it. This proves that blessings aren’t just money. All kinds of happiness are blessings. Thank you for sharing your positive energy with me.

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    1. Hi Fadima🌿how are you doing?? Awh I’ so glad that you liked it and yes not everything is money. We need money to survive but what truly makes us happy deep in our soul is people we love and our daily necessities. This comment really made my day ! Thank you so much😊

      Xo | Cata


  5. Helen says:

    I just love this post!! So important to stop & reflect on things that we are grateful for. It is the basic things such as food and health and security that matter. as long as we have all of these things, plus self love, everything will be OK.
    ps your layout looks a little different or is that just me? lol either way I love it!! I love your header image too!

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    1. It should be a daily thing to do with yourself.. I always give thanks to everything I have and everything I don’t have. Many times we are given what we need not what we want😊 I’ve had this layout for a longtime😂

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      1. Helen says:

        absolutely we should always be able to differentiate between the needs and wants and carefully evaluate which wants and needs will bring long term happiness.

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  6. This is a great reminder! What am I grateful for today? Steady employment for my husband throughout this pandemic, a nice house with a yard that we can enjoy while stuck at home and puppies that are always up for some snuggles!

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    1. Awh that’s awesome😊 we should always give thanks.. it could’ve been much worse. Thank you for commenting enjoy your saturday!


  7. It’s such a good thing to remind ourselves of all the things we do have even when it may seem like life is throwing us a few “lemons”. Thanks for this!

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    1. Hi Molly! 😊 you’re right.. sometimes it might seem difficult to remind ourselves of all the good things we do have💛💡💛


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