Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails🌸

Maybe you know that I work in a store and we use many chemicals to clean surfaces, floors and our hands. Ever since I have been using it everyday (no kidding) my hands feel so soft and moisturized! I wish I had a travel size to carry it in my bag when I go to work. Amazing!

30 thoughts on “Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails🌸

  1. girl, I know what you mean by having ashy hands especially after being on the register all day. Vaseline’s a good brand. I’ve never used that particular one you mentioned though..

    ps. the social media links at the bottom of your blog post aren’t there lol

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    1. It leaves your hands soo soft! ..I have to use it everyday because I feel now is less dry.But initially my hands were rough because I use a lot of handsanitizer at work also harsh cleaning products. Not oily/greasy it goes right into your skin💕


    1. Hi Des🍬 exactly what I meant .. my hands be so dry from all the chemicals used in a daily basis and what this lotion does is amazing. Haven’t used a good hand lotion in a while..I love this one! Thank you for commenting❤


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