Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas🎁🎄

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Happy Wednesday! As I’m writing this is December 23rd which makes tomorrow Christmas Eve, I mentioned in my post here that Hispanic/Latinx community celebrates December 24 called “Noche Buena”. We start marinating all meats today and leave all the flavour soak in for 12 to 24hrs. My partner and I are preparing the meats today but mostly my partner though because I will be going to work in a bit. He’s a great chef and I can completely trust him in the kitchen..lucky me!

13 thoughts on “Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas🎁🎄

  1. What a great list!! Gift cards are great last minute gift ideas!! I love that mini waffle maker — so cute and imagine the possibilities. I also love that adult coloring book. Great way to meditate ❤

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  2. I think I must be being really stupid here – I can’t see any gift ideas… Am I missing something obvious?

    Happy Noche Buena. I’m glad hubby is a good cook so you can work together on the prep. Enjoy the yummy food when it’s ready!!

    Merry Christmas 🎄
    Caz xx

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