Beautiful Photos Taken in ARUBA

Being a mom has it’s rewards and I know but honestly it’s tough AF. Thank God I have this blog where I can distract my mind while being creative as well. Today I’m gonna share with you some amazing pictures I took on several of my trips around Aruba. If you want to see more of Aruba make sure to let me know by leaving a comment below.

Palm Beach is a very popular tourist area most known for the beautiful white sand and crystal blue beaches. They maintaine and clean the beaches because as you know Aruba it’s economic income is based around 90% on tourist.

Even when I have trash it can be a can of soda I always wait to get home to throw it away or if I find a trashcan nearby

Parliament of Aruba where all the ministers have their offices and also where many meetings take place. Don’t know exactly which of all the ministers either owns the building or have their offices there.

Census Aruba is the Civil Registery and Population Register at this place you go whenever you move to another home or need your birth certificate and ofcourse if you want to get married.

The beach is somewhere in San Nicolas Aruba I’m gonna try to remember the name (I will update this soon). But the view is absolutely beautiful!

Santa Cruz is in the heart of Aruba this picture was taken around five to six o’clock in the evening. I caught this sunset right on time.

Somewhere in Aruba … sometimes I take all these random pictures, at this very momeny as I’m writing this blog post I can’t remember where in Aruba I took this picture. As soon as I do I will insert the name!

What are some of the most beautiful scenery photos you’ve taken?

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