Can’t Move My Body….

Last week I was working my usual night shift for me night shift starts three pm until nine pm all depends where I’m working sometimes it can be later than nine at night.

I wake up in the morning at six am or atleast I try, or at times I have to be woken up. Get them ready for school day normally they are picked up around seven ish in the morning. If you’re a mom you know how it goes ..some days everything goes smooth but eighty percent of the time it’s a total disaster if you aren’t there to help out and make them hurry up while doing a good job and the same time.

The day before because I came home around almost ten at night I have to take a shower, eat something and go to sleep around eleven or sometimes one am it all depens how tired I am.

And there go the kids…out of the door after I had to make them hurry and my youngest son sits like 10 minutes on the toilet doing nothing he would so that so he won’t have to take a shower right away because our water is not hot water but isn’t too cold either. Okay so the kids are out of the door and praying everything goes good today at school.

I can finally relax made some Dominican coffee beside it a piece of chocolate cake. Around ten am I started to feel so incredibly sleepy, put on my headscarf cozied up put on Netflix and I felt asleep. And here we go.. I fell asleep right? But in my dream I fell asleep too and also was dreaming so it was a dream in a dream. Don’t get lost…

In my dream I was in the same position sleeping as in real life, same clothes, same everything. Then I felt someone or something pulling my sheets off the same sheets I was covered with. I pull it back up and it keeps being pulled down. Then I wanted to make a sudden move or atleast get up ..and I COULDN’T! I was fighting to move or try to move..and no..nothing! Then I suddenly felt someone or something on my back sat on my back. It’s almost the same when a small kid sits on that.

I was trying to make a sound I couldn’t, but remember it’s wasn’t real because I know for a fact that I fell asleep. And the difference was that in my dream everything was the same except one thing and that was my whole surrounding was yellow ish you can compare it a retro filter but instead of gray or black it was yellow.

I said in my head the only way to end this is to pray..prayers. I prayed all the prayers I knew and asked God to help me get out of this. And after praying with my eyes closed so profoundly and sincere. I opened my eyes in real life and looked scared around me. Just wanted to feel safe, I was completely freaked out..I texted my partner. After I prayed some more thanked God waking me up and was hella relieved it wasn’t real.

I’m not gonna lie when I got home from work that same day in the evening. I stayed up until two three am because I was still low key freaked out. Thank God I didn’t had a bad dream that same evening. On the same day I get a message my aunt that raised me said she had a bad dream, in her dream she was trying to find me but she couldn’t find me anywhere. My sister messaged me and she said she dreamed with me too she said: I was so skinny that she couldn’t recognize me.

Hasn’t been the first time that I have had a bad dream like this and also experiences when I was around ten years old. “Have you had a bad dream like this? I would love to read some of the things you have dreamed about that made you freak out”.


  1. joleisa says:

    I’ve had similar dreams but it has always been at times when I am extremely tired or stressed. I personally don’t think they have any other meaning apart from that.
    We would love you to come on over and check us out too @

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    1. Hi Joleisa💫 I truly hope so.. keeping up the positive thoughts. Thank you for sharing with your thoughts


  2. Shelly DS says:

    Prayer… just keep praying and don’t stop. I hope everything is ok with you and that you don’t keep having these dreams 💖

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    1. I’m better thank you for the good wishes💫

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