SUPER Food for Nails💅🏾

It’s Sunday today and it’s time for a new post which I’ve been lacking lately due to motivation and inspiration but mostly because of the children having to give them more attention. Trying to balance it all but I’m glad to be here with a new post for you all!

13 thoughts on “SUPER Food for Nails💅🏾

  1. This post was for me today because I was just saying to myself this morning that I need to get my nails stronger again because they have been breaking. Thanks so much for this tip on how building healthier nails.

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  2. I appreciate the info. My nails are so weak 😭 and ugly right now; I really need these super foods for nails to get them healthy again.

    I have a silly question: some of the oils you suggested, is it ok to use them directly on your nails? Sort of like a nail treatment so they can absorb the vitamins and supplements directly.

    Hope you can help me out with that question. Thanks!

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    1. Hi Mary.. what I found in my research you can indeed use most of them directly on your nails or if you like you can make a mixture of all these oils together and create a cuticle oil. You can also select for example the Coconut Oil and Hemp Oil and make a mixture of those two and use it like that. The Vitamin E though I would suggest using it by itself.

      I hope I answered your question 😊

      Thank you for commenting and passing by


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