Ten Years From Now..

We have to be realistic about certain things we want in life, I have been so aware about life and what I want. Three close things close to my heart…

Work from home

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Working from home is ONE of my biggest wishes and what I’m currently trying to work for through blogging. I’m not getting paid or earn any money (yet) through blogging but I hope one day I will. Being a mother and working 30+ hours a week, balancing work, home, the kids and so many other things in between is sometimes very difficult and stressing. At the same time I know I’m contributing the essentials like food, pay bills etc..

Build my dream house

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Since a year or two I have been motivated to build or atleast purchase a home for my kids. Inspiring to see young adults accomplishing this huge thing right? Sometimes I feel I’m behind being in my late 20’s and still with no home I can call ‘MY home’. But I know I will get there..patience is a virtue!

Live a healthy & happy life

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And the last on my list is being happy, living a more healthy life surrounded my love, positivity and plenty of new adventures, traveling and explore new places. If you are not happy and living the your life you desire how can you possibly live? It’s important to be happy despite anything. Smile with each other, be kind and having everyting that is good for your heart and soul.

Ofcourse there are so many other things we all want, materialistic things or a good paid job. But these these three things I really want ‘Ten Years From Now..’ This doesn’t mean I’m not happy now but I hope to be happy so many years from now as well. I cannot imagine my kids ten years from now..that’s a whole another story.

Can you relate in some of what I talked about? How do you see yourself in ten years from now?


7 thoughts on “Ten Years From Now..

  1. Yassssss to all these goals and you WILL achieve them! Keep pushing hun. I too hope to be working from full time before the year is over. It’ll be challenging at times and you may want to give up (that’s how I feel too) but We got this ๐Ÿ’ช.

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