4 Stereotypical Assumptions People Have Of Me

At the end of the post I have invited other bloggers to take part on this post. Since I have so many other bloggers that I follow with different background it would be so interesting to read their experience on this as well. It’s important to say that we all matter and we all have love to give after all we are human with our own thought process. Be careful what you say to other people especially if you don’t know them in person, some things that are said cannot be taken back and sometimes it can really be emotionally damaging. Just think about it…

Enough with this rambling and on to the post!

She is rude don’t even talk to her

People look at me and instantly assume that I’m the rudest person ever, since they look at my face and think “I’m definitely not talking to her”. But the truth is that’s just my face I can’t change my face. I look at everyone like that..

People assume I’m not Latina

This assumption is the BIGGEST of all and has me always feeling some type of way. People have a certain idea of what a Latina/Caribeรฑa looks like or should look like so each time someone tells me; “Ow I didn’t know you are Latina you certainly don’t look like a Latina!” In my mind I’m I like I sure am! After a while it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to but oh well what can you do about it.

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She is very quiet

Yes yes and yes I can be extremely quiet at times it all depends on my mood, thoughts and how I feel. My aunt always had told me ‘If you don’t have something good or nice to say just shut your mouth’. That’s not the only reason though, it can be that I don’t know you or I don’t trust you to talk a lot. So I step back listen and observe everything. That’s just me!

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Are you a mom?

We all look different being a mom doesn’t mean you should dress or look like one. I have no idea why society has a certain look on moms and each time someone tells me or asks me Do you have kids? / Are you a mom? / You don’t look like you are a mom, it’s like DANG! what’s the problem? Why should I look like one, I’m just myself doesn’t mean I should look like a grandma (I hope you can understand my point of view) but yeah that is what I be thinking.

I have a strong, determined, strong willed character.. I have like everyone good and less good traits at the end we all have our thing going on. Do not assume things about people that you don’t know. I think this is a very straight to the point advice.


I would love to encourage other bloggers to answer this question because we all different backgrounds and cultures. I’m so very intrigued to read all of your “4 Stereotypical Assumptions People Have Of You”. I invite these following bloggers to take part of this post. Make sure to tag me so I can read all of your posts ๐Ÿ™‚

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8 thoughts on “4 Stereotypical Assumptions People Have Of Me

  1. Lovely post! The fact that people have an image of what a latino/a should look like… that is just so mindboggling. It’s the same thing with every other race. The times are changing, more and more people are mixed… we need to do away with all of these judgements based on physical appearance.

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    • Thank you Helen.. we are more mixed and people are realizing what is being said and done to many of these races and has to be stopped. Thankfully peopel are more aware of this situation. We shouldn’t be going through this.


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