Ways To Love Yourself More

Nobody Is Gonna Love You More Than Yourself

I’ve learned this when I was at my lowest had so many challenges and was doing bad mentally and soon after depressed. No matter in what situation you are in if you don’t love yourself then it means you are leaning on somebody else to love you more than what you love yourself. But it doesn’t work that way, when the other person doesn’t love you anymore you are gonna be depressed and thinking you are ugly. And that’s what we ain’t gonna do over here.

You are gonna get your behind up, stand in front of the mirror and make yourself beautiful so you feel beautiful and you are gonna say this; “I love myself so much that I don’t nobody’s approval, I am love, light and all I attract is good energy”.

Understand That You Are You

Get to know yourself don’t underestimate yourself. You never stop learning about yourself but make sure when you are in the process of getting to know yourself..you make yourself clear of who are you are, what you want, what you will and will not tolerate. Make yourself a priority! A daily priority!

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Never Be In A Place Where Your Presence Is Not Accepted

One other thing I’ve leatned is: do not go where you are not welcome. That’s just so simple but yet so difficult especially if it’s family. Again, not always family is good for you. So many times I prefer going to a strangers house rather than a family members home. Because a lot of times family will drag you until you’re all the way down. Avoiding people like this will give you peace, so much peace mentally.

Stay True To Yourself

Be yourself always stay true to who you are, set your standards, do you and don’t change for no one. Make sure you have your own place where you can breathe and work on yourself. If you have a partner who is willing to change and grow together. you both can do it together. But otherwise I won’t!

You know something many times when a relationship ends and you don’t know yourself and don’t love yourself enough to stand up for yourself. So then people will use you, you are lost you quickly lose your way. Meditation, prayer having a hobby and surrounding yourself with people with good intentions help so much. Stand strong and love YOU!

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28 thoughts on “Ways To Love Yourself More

    1. I so agree with you on this you have to go through it to know what it feels and make that change for yourself. When you feel the pain you are gonna do it, most of the times is an endless journey because we change constantly. Thank you so much for passing by🤍

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  1. Such a great post. I must admit I had a lot of self doubt in the past and it hurt. But now I am going through a Self Care & Love 💕 journey that is just awesome. Keep up the good work on your journey and thank you for sharing good vibes with others through this blog.

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    1. Awh Mary thank you for your kind words I really appreciate your honest comment. You know something we have to keep loving ourselves and choose it every single day I mean nobody is gonna love us more than ourselves and it’s a harsh reality but it is what it is. This comment really made my day! X

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  2. Awesome. I agree that accepting yourself for who you are is the key to loving yourself more. It is vital because if you don’t love yourself, then how can you love other people?

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