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Today is the day that’s right, today May 6th 2021 in just in couple of hours I will be back at work. Feeling bleh, anxious and this feeling of not wanting to go. But hey I’m an adult now with two kids and have to feed them, there’s nothing you can do right now..

18 thoughts on “This Is How I’m Feeling Today | ChitChat

  1. This is so relatable. I use to work retail and after not being recognized, having people i trained become managers I left and found another job and became manager in less than a year. Still i was unsatisfied. Keep pushing thru this even tho it sucks. Stay sane and keep your goals in mind. Wish you luck!

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    • Yes Aleana we can definitely relate on this. Who knows maybe I will get a better job in the future😀. Thank you for keeping my spirits high at least I’m not the only one feeling this way


  2. I pray for you my sista with the job thing. And there is nothing wrong with a good cry or vent. Hey however you need to purge it from your system…then get er’ done. LOL. I know things on the job can be daunting but hang in there because from that opportunity may come another. I’ve been at my job for over 20 years and I don’t know how I maintained. I just kept in mind that everything else was bigger than me and as a single Mom I needed to provide. We all sacrifice for our kids right. Oh and Happy Mother’s Day!

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    • That’s right..everything for the kids! You know something I know I can do better as well, I can get something better at the same time enjoying it. There’s no way I can get a better position where I’m at right now because only family and good good friends get the chance to get a good and so much better position in this company. Which I’m not mad at, it is what it is. Awh thank you sweetheart wishing you a blessed Mother’s Day🌷


  3. I know that feeling well. We have to go to work for money but it isn’t the work we want to do. I am trying to figure out how to do work that can make me happy and sustain me.

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