My Love For You Is…Unexplainable

You grew inside of me, I felt you grow and move. You are the greatest gift after a huge failure and taught me much so more with you gracious character, smile and eyes. We laughed and cried but you were and are always there to make me smile.

My baby of my eyes and soul can’t believe you are almost seven years old, SEVEN years old! It seems just as yesterday when you were born. God brought you to me to wake me up and realize that life is beautiful and having you and bringing you to this world made my life so much more beautiful!

Besides of all the things we went through you always made me feel loved. You are one of a kind, this is just your mom (crying by the way as I’m writing this), that one day you’ll realize how loved you are and how special you are to us.

This is one moment of realization and mom thinking ‘Thank you Jesus’ for this blessing called motherhood.


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