Nine Things That Make Me Happy All The Time

The lack of blogging and just being creative has been so on zero qthe last month or so, didn’t think I would be in such place as right now. It’s not exactly a dark place just β€˜I want to get this things done with before the next school year starts, so there is where I have my complete focus on.


  1. Ma qualitΓ© de vie says:

    One of the things that makes me happy every time is listening to motivational speeches or anything that can be inspiring and contribute to my personal growth or help me in different areas of my life. Great post! Thanks for sharing.


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    1. Awhh that’s awesome! 🧑✨🧑✨ I appreciate you sharing what makes you happy.


  2. Such a positive post to read! The beach, travelling, writing and my loved ones are the things that make me happy xx

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    1. Appreciate it Della🌸 the best medicine to live happy


  3. Great list! I’m right with you, music has the power to completely turn my mood around. I am also a big coffee lover. Thanks for sharing some of the things that make you happy!

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    1. Thank you is a must in my house, makes us all so happy singing together


  4. Rayo says:

    Great post! I find blogging, reading, going to the beach, listening to music makes me happy. Thanks for sharing your own list

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    1. You are welcome ❀️


  5. Shelly DS says:

    These are such wonderful and simple things! I, too, enjoy home cooked meals and spending time with my little one ☺️

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    1. Definitely.. there’s no money in the world that can replace the time you spend with loved ones


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