The Moment I ….. 💋💋💋 STORYTIME

I never thought I would be writing about this but it did happened. Is so strange though because as you go through life you tend to forget situations or moments that DID take place. You go through moments or life in general and it’s so blurry for some reason. Then one day you are cleaning and it all came back in your mind, amazing sometimes how your mind works.

It was late in the beginning of 00’s we were living abroad at that moment I was in either in 5th or 6th grade. Since I was the youngest of all and most of my puberitt I was alone because for some reason my parents (who raised me) were on vacation or working and after school 4.30 pm I went home and was alone for a couple of hours until my sister would pick me up, I just went to sleep in my parents appartment or waited for one of the parents to arrive home.

One day I asked if a girl friend from school can go home with me to play since I was most of the time alone, they approved my request the following day we met at school before going into our classes and told her; hey! My parents told me you could come over and your mom can pick you up after work. She agreed!

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I can’t quite remember what we were playing either Nintendo or just board games I had since I didn’t like playing with barbie’s. So here it goes.. I just remember we suddenly were kissing each other, touching and there goes the door.. Guess who opened the front door, that was my one of my parents. We both looked at each other and we quickly removed ourselves from each other and started to go on with playing whatever we were playing.

As the hours passes by we just went on gaming without saying anything regarding of what happened earlier. And we never spoke about it, it just happened. I think that was the first time I kissed someone. After her I liked one boy but we never had something. I can say back then Iiked boys and girls. Weird to say since being a Caribeña/Latina is a taboo and especially back in the day you were raised but parents refused talking to their kids about topics like that.

Thinking back about the situation I’m not ashamed at all because I didn’t know what I was doing, I was trying to discover who I really am and just experimenting. I don’t blame my parents because they had their own way of raising us and trying to give us the best they could, but I also think we 90’s kids should have been raised with parents more involved emotionally. I’m pretty sure many of you in your late 20’s/ early 30’s now in 2021 know what I mean by saying this. Me as a parent myself I have learned to talk way more with my kids I had to learn this because back then we were taught to listen when grown ups were talking but not to actually have a conversation, at this age sometimes I still struggle with getting my words out because of the way I was raised.

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I openly talk to my ten year old and ask him questions so he knows he can talk to me about whatever he wants. I’m open ears and eyes always for them both. If one of my kids tell me they like a boy or girl I will accept the fact that they are who they are and it won’t make the love I have for them change because they are my kids. I will guide, support and love them through it all!

Parents it’s super important to talk to your kids it doesn’t matter the time, age or gender. We have to be willing to listen to them and let them speak for themselves.

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11 thoughts on “The Moment I ….. 💋💋💋 STORYTIME

  1. Great story! and yes I agree that you should talk to you kids as much as you can in this climate. I’m older so during that time (late 70s-80s) nothing was discussed. You didn’t engage because your parents said so, and that was it. I was afraid of what my Mom would think or how she would perceive me. I love her dearly but her disapproval was everything. She dealt out the punishment. I was an only-child so I did a lot of searching, and made a lot of mistakes because I didn’t have the guidance. Trust me. you don’t want advice from friends, because they don’t know what they’re doing either LOL. I’m glad my daughter and I talked about things, and that I was adult enough to hear them.

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    1. Yes girl yes I totally understand you.. I had more siblings but I was the youngest living at home so I know the feeling of making ‘a lot’ of mistakes I did that myself. But I’m happy because I know what NOT to do.

      I appreciate you sharing your story,..thank you!


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