How I’m Feeling Today 07.11 | ChitChat Sunday’s

Good afternoon coffee lovers how is everyone doing? Today I’m back with a new blog post ChitChat Sundays ‘How I’m Feeling Today’ on July 11, 2021 a quick resume of this week and how I’m feeling.


11 thoughts on “How I’m Feeling Today 07.11 | ChitChat Sunday’s

  1. Thank you for your honest and relatable blog post, I also have my ‘No energy’ moments along with my ‘I can’t be asked today’ moments. It’s a new week and I’m feeling a bit more motivated today, onwards and upwards. I love the quote you have used in this post as well.

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  2. Hey getting up is half the battle (LOL). I admire the fact that your posting on a Sunday because that takes energy. In past years I’ve tried to do a Sunday Chit-Chat, then a Sunday “Life Cast” where I would sit down and just talk to the blogosphere. I quickly became overwhelmed, trying to get out that content, and then it just fizzled.

    Your post is great because it’s refreshing, so keep doing what you do, it’s inspirational.

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    • It takes so much energy trying to post that is indeed truth but when I feel that motivation to do so I will because I feel something that says just talk out your feelings and frustrations it is normal you know. These days is a blessing to get up and just be alive and breathing. Super grateful to have a platform where I can have a community to share my life with, makes me feel like I’m not alone we all go through similar things. It’s important to have support one way or the other.

      I truly appreciate your comment and the fact that you find my content interesting it does really makes my feel like I’m doing something right. ☕️🌿🌺

      This comment really made me feel good. Thank you💛


  3. it’s lovely to see a little snippet of your day & also nice to see that I’m not the only one who sometimes has low energy or don’t feel like doing things. it can be the weather especially now with the humidity and the sun.

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