Three Documentaries I Watched & Loved!| July Edition

You might not know but I love watching documentaries back in High school I loved history classes they were indeed very interesting and I’m not kidding when I say this; sometimes I wish I could time travel just to see all the happening, wars and dictatorship it was really A THING it still is though.

If you have been following the news or just social media you know what is happening in Cuba dictatorship for years and years now. Getting a bit sidetracked but everyone deserves freedom, in my opinion everyone on planet earth deserves good medical care, food, a home or at least a decent place to sleep in. I always say this; WE ARE ONE for me there’s no white, black, red, yellow NO! We all should treat others with the same respect, dignity and love.

Around almost 4 pm everyone went to sleep beside me I just can’t right now, my time to sleep is at night on the other hand I know everyone including myself we are tired of the weekly rushing even during this vacation which all the kids are out of school on break. Classes start back in the third week of August.

In this brand new post I’m gonna share with you Three Documentaries I Watched This Month and I really loved watching it. Interesting to watch some of these since in school we only get to learn European history it’s bizarre though! I personally think we should get history lessons from our region as well oh well this topic will be for another day.

Enrique Blanco The Most Wanted By Trujillo

Credit: Youtube Videocine Palau

At a young age Enrique Blanco served in the military during Trujillo regime and many say he was the most wanted man during that time because he had killed high ranked officials and many others. Trujillo didn’t like people going against his regime in any type or form.

The Man Who Killed Versace

Credit: Youtube Real Stories

Gianni Versace was killed by this young man he was popular back in school and was well raised by his parents. He became psycho killer and killed many innocent people.

Diana: The Night She Died

Credit: Youtube Real Stories

This particular about Princess Diana really struck me even though I never met her but since I’m a mother myself I couldn’t imagine this.

In this documentary they talk about allegedly who and why they killed Princess Diana, even with all the evidence the French police had they hid it all and still to this day nothing was done.

☕️🌸 Message Of The Day 🌸☕️

 “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey


11 thoughts on “Three Documentaries I Watched & Loved!| July Edition

  1. I love reading about or watching the lives of historical figures unfold in a well-told story, so these three documentaries sound engaging. As I have a particular fascination with English history and Britain, The Night She Died sounds interesting.
    Thanks for sharing!

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