5 Affordable Self Care Products That Will Help You De-Stress & Relax

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been a bit MIA work has me really occupied working eight hours a day then come home to be a parent so it haven’t been easy in the same breath I’ve been working on Blogtober so excited about it, will be only doing fourteen days of Blogtober also had to take a break from writing because my head was about to explode and it still feels like exploding.


18 thoughts on “5 Affordable Self Care Products That Will Help You De-Stress & Relax

  1. basicwithlife says:

    It’s only Tuesday and this blog post has me planning my Friday evening.
    I can’t wait. Thank you for sharing these products, I’ve never used Dr. Teals brand before but I’ll definitely look out for it. Roll on Friday evening 🛀

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  2. Nicole Andrews says:

    How helpful! Certain scents help relax and open up airways for better breathing. I have Epsom salts but I don’t use them as much as I should. You’ve inspired me to get out my foot bath and at least show my feet some appreciation by giving them a nice soak!

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    • We need it .. many of us are struggling on our day to day life and we should appreciate and love our bodies more. The last two years have been rough much self love and positivity for all of us💜


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  4. Ruth says:

    I love this Catarina! I do a whole lot. I’m always looking for ways to destress. I’ve never heard of any of these products before but they all sound fab. I love scented candles so much. They help me relax and clear my mind. I’ll love to give Yogi tea a try. Thank you so much for bringing these products to my knowledge. I can’t wait to try them out. x

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