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Not gonna lie .. I’ve been feeling tired, tired of work, tired of the routine, mentally exhausted. It is no ones fault just me feeling this way.

I hoped this post would be a fun one .. fall related or just a lovely beauty review but I guess not. Wishing of feeling better mentally and being able to post weekly like most bloggers do.


17 thoughts on “Quality Of My Thoughts | ChitChat✨

  1. Sometimes it is difficult to handle so many things, but it is important to also take a break, pause and recharge. And you’re right by saying better days are coming because after the storm there’s always a rainbow.

    I hope you feel better Catarina and keep up the good work ❤

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    • Yes sometimes it gets too much for me, I try to take it day by day and trying to stay as positive I can🪴 It WILL get better hundred percent. Thank you so much for your sweet comment


  2. Aw sorry to hear you’re having a bit of a tough go. It’s to be expected during normal times and circumstances as a mother of multiples but during pandemic season? Girl, you take your time! 😘😊 Hope you feel better, because that’s all that matters! 🙂

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    • It hasn’t been easy.. sometimes you wish things were different or that you had done things differently in the past. But I try to stay as present I can and be positive since I have two kids that need me there at all times. I know it will get better 🙂😊 .. hope you are doing well

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  3. I think allowing ourselves some grace as we experience all the things going on around us and the struggles we have is so important — but hard to do sometimes. I hope you can find ways to be kind to yourself as you work through what you’re juggling — I understand this so much and just wanted to cheer you on!

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