Blogtober 2021

Hello Blogtober 2021!

Hola everyone! Wishing everyone a healthy and blessed day today October 1st, I cannot believe how fast the past few months have passed by it’s literally mind blowing.


30 thoughts on “Hello Blogtober 2021!

  1. Can’t wait to read your Blogtober content! 14 days sounds great, the perfect balance as I can imagine writing 31 posts can be a tad overwhelming and stressful.

    Loren |

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    • Too stressful to write 31 posts, I just can’t have too much going on in my personal life but at least I’m doing 14days which is great for me🎃 Are you participating in Blogtober?


  2. mummyconqueringanxiety says:

    Cant wait to read your posts.

    I am also posting mon-Fri with most of the weekends free (I will post extra ones if I feel like it). I need to balance mental health with blogging and it’s important we all do that.

    Lets do this. Xx

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    • I agree with you mental health is so important and that is what I have been learning about the importance of it and how to deal with certain situations. It is really a day to day thing we all need clarity, peace and happiness


  3. alittlecupofus says:

    Good luck with Blogtober! I’m in awe of everyone who takes part in this, I have a hard time posting just once a week :p can’t wait to read more!

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    • Thank you love! It’s definitely takes a lot of time, patience and creativity. But I love to be part of this. I hope you enjoy all the upcoming posts🍂 Happy October!


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  5. I’m looking forward to reading your blogtober-themed posts (this is my favourite time of year too). I think it’s a good idea that you’ve decided on doing 14 days of blogtober as flexibility is key to creativity and I think it will be more fun for you (and as a result enjoyable for us to read). Thanks for sharing!

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