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Must-Have Fall Handbags ✨ Blogtober Day 14 ✨

For the past few years Twitter has really gave many of us bloggers the exposure we are seeking for. Throughout the month I will be posting on my blog fall related blogpost. Also wanna thank everyone for just reading my stuff on here, it doesn’t only makes me feel more visible but it gives me motivation and a purpose to keep blogging.

Before we start with today’s post I want to just say this; all the handbags I chose to share with you today are the ones that really stood out on quality not on the price. Over the years I learned that not always a more expensive handbag is the way to go or it’s durability, neither you can say from more affordable handbags. In MY experience I always have to check the quality, the straps of the bag etc.. and my conclusion has been the more expensive (always depending on the quality first) I’ve wore the bag for YEARS that is including washing in the washing machine.

Currently I have a TOTTO Backpack I use to go to work.. I’ve had this bag for three years accompanied by it’s anti scan/theft wallet. Washed it so many times put it in the dryer several times and it held up pretty good.

Carmen Large Tote by FOSSIL

The hand bag of my dreams is right here you can put so many things in there but not only that they have a massive collection of various colors, textures and styles. It’s truly amazing and the design is upfront neat, simple and you can carry it around on any time and occasion.

You can fit many things like: 16″ Laptop, Fits all phone sizes up to an iPhone® 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S10+®, iPad® Pro.

The material outside is Leather/Leather, Polyurethane, Suede Trim and the material inside is 100% Polyester.

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Women’s Everyday Multipurpose Crossbody Handbag by DKNY

This brand in particular is an oldie from back in high school days , it became so popular that DKNY made these apple formed perfumes they really were so hype though.

I was scrolling through amazon and this bag really catched my eyes cute, small, looks like a heavy duty bag. Definitely goes well with the end of the year festivities.

The material outside is Leather, Pebbled leather shoulder bag with snakeskin detail.

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Small Town Bucket by COACH

Grab you everything you need let’s go on a trip kinda bag, spacious enough for your tampons, phone charger, a small credit card wallet, lipgloss and mascara. That is what I think about when I see this COACH bag.

The variety of colors, designs are endless they’re so pretty!

Canvas bag and material outside is Leather Signature coated canvas and smooth leather.

The handbag you currently OWN what brand is it?


“When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen, the
moon laughs and whispers,
“tis near Halloween.” – UNKNOWN


13 thoughts on “Must-Have Fall Handbags ✨ Blogtober Day 14 ✨

  1. Those bags are everything. I had to stop buying bags because I wasn’t using them. That didn’t however stop me from buying shoes. Now that’s one thing I don’t need any more of…well at least until next season. LOL

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