5 Haunted Locations Around The World 

While I was researching, reading, looking for ideas on the internet I found Anjali from ThisSplendidShambles and she actually has this list with plenty of cool ideas for Blogtober for each niche.

By the way besides all of that I’m a huge fan of horror movies, hauntings, ghosts and scary places. The movie has to really be ten times scarier for me to actually be freaked out. Today I’m sharing with you 5 Haunted Locations Around The World honestly these places don’t look like scary places but you never know when you are actually there.

Cop Chop House | Idaho

The truth of what happened at 805 Linden Street is probably one of Boise’s most grotesque murder cases. Court documents state that on the night of June 30, 1987 an altercation broke out between three men: Preston Murr, Daron Cox, and Daniel Rodgers the owner of 805 Linden. Preston Murr was shot in the shoulder as a result of the altercation. Attempting to flee, Murr ran to a nearby house and pleaded at the door for help, but before anyone opened the door Rogers and Cox retrieved Murr and dragged him back into Rogers’s house. Once inside, Murr was fatally shot by a bullet to the brain. Soon after the shooting the nearby neighbor the owner of the house Murr ran to for help phoned police and reported the suspicious activity, however the police did not respond promptly and the neighbor went to bed.


The Red Onion Saloon and Brothel Museum | Alaska

Prostitution was a hard way to make a living with a lot of risks attached to it, both physical and emotional. You could become pregnant, catch a disease, get beaten up or even killed by a client or jealous boyfriend. If you were lucky, you might only suffer debilitating heartbreak. The spirit of Lydia deeply resents the treatment she got from men.

Often getting married to a man was the only way out of this demeaning work. Sometimes when a lady was promised marriage and it fell through due to cold feet or death, this could send a woman into a spiral of depression and she ended her own life.

The Red Onion Saloon and Brothel Museum, AK (Perhaps the spirit of Lydia was promised marriage to a man but he backed out perhaps for a more presentable woman. This betrayal could’ve made her resentful).

Spirits who receive bad treatment from others may hold grudges agains the group that caused them pain, and perhaps even their death.


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Hospital San Juan de Dios | Colombia

It’s been almost two decades since this hospital in Bogotá was shut down. Although there are still people living in there, most of them are former employees who were never paid. They tell stories about the ghosts of patients who once died there and spirits of nuns that cry at night. What’s even crazier is that a new legislation has ordered the hospital to be reopened, but the haunting images of the place still drive local residents away from it.


La Casa del Gringo Loco | Ecuador

Located in Sangolqui, this old house with tunnels hides a tragic and sinister story. It originally belonged to a French man who the local residents called “El Gringo Loco.” After his death, the place became a popular spot for rituals and ouija board readings. One incident talks about a group of people who broke into the house and confronted the ghost of the “Gringo Loco.” They wrote their names upside down, and a week later, four of them died in a mysterious car accident. The place is currently closed to the public, but many people still manage to sneak in.


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Hellfire Caves | UK

The Hellfire Caves are a network of man-made chalk and flint caverns which extend a quarter of a mile (500 metres) underground. The caves were used as a meeting place for Sir Francis Dashwood’s notorious Hellfire Club, whose members included various politically and socially important 18th century figures. The caves are a place that is steeped in myth and legend, and not least is the paranormal activity that is said to take place there, with ghost sightings reported on a regular basis.

The story of Suki, The ghost bride of the Hellfire Caves, is quite a disturbing mean story which leaves you feeling sorry for her. According to the legend written on a plaque in the tunnels she was a servant girl who was employed at the nearby Ale House, the George and Dragon. Apparently she was most appealing and had high hopes of being noticed by the local squires and nobility.

The plaque states that she desired to be a bride of an aristocrat. As such, she kept herself pure and rejected the propositions of the local lads who grew increasingly irritated by her manner. There came a day when a young and wealthy nobleman visited the George and Dragon and seemed quite taken with Suki who flirted “most seriously” with him.

After he departed the angry local lads who had witnessed this interchange decided to teach Suki a lesson. Apparently, they wrote her a letter purportedly from the young man that she had just met. It stated the he wanted to elope with her and that she was to meet him in the caves in her wedding dress. Suki did as she was asked and arrived at the caves to find that she had been tricked and it is said that “Stones were thrown”. It seems that one struck Suki on the head and she collapsed to the ground. Horrified at what they had done the young men carried her to the Inn but she died during the night.


Have you been to a haunted place before? Or have you had any paranormal experiences?


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