Traveling Alone to the Dominican Republic

Besides that I’ve noticed a lot of good and less good things here in DR which I’ll write in another post. Been enjoying good food and family time but I do miss my children A LOT and my partner. As an adult I never traveled alone it was a realization moment of “damn I’m alone”. Don’t get me wrong I was excited too traveling after almost six years, wish it was under other circumstances.

I’m a person of little words many thoughts and feelings are involved and trying to make the best of my time here.

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First picture I was in the airplane departing from Reina Beatrix International airport, second picture is me (after crying), third picture is when I arrived at the La Isabela International Airport in the Dominican Republic. We arrived pretty quickly it was about a hour and few minutes. We received a small bottle of water during this flight since they don’t give out any food. The last picture is a lovely flower bouquet I received from my mother and sisters.

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I visited my grandpa a few days ago we went to the finca he’s currently living at he was accompanied by his wife Maribel. His birthday is December 15 he is a sagi y’all! We had some catching up to do since I didn’t see him for over six years, he’s gonna be eighty soon and heard he’s gonna have a big party.

Last week we visited the Plaza Duarte which they have many recognizable brands and of course Caribbean Cinemas on this day their special was 2×1. You only had to send a message to a number with a text to receive this promotion. It was packed and busy with many youngsters. We went to see Eternals by Marvel it was all the way good movie, there wasn’t one moment in which it was boring. Definitely would recommend if you haven’t seen this movie yet.

This week we made a quick visit to one of the popular malls in Santodomingo (capital) Agora Mall you’ll find Forever21, Bath & Body Works, Yves Rocher, Casio, Adidas, Krispy Kreme donut shop and many other stores. Black Friday promotions have been put on many displays and people are buying gifts like crazy. Here they are used to start early with Christmas decorations, gifts and organizing the home for Christmas.

Truly hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog post I’m gonna do my best to record, take pictures as much as I can..some places are better not to walk around with phones or electronics in general. Don’t wanna miss any updates? follow me on instagram.

“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.” 
― Andre Gide, Autumn Leaves


11 thoughts on “Traveling Alone to the Dominican Republic

  1. We all need a break from Social from time to time and visiting family and those connections are more important than anything during this time. Especially if you have aging parents (I do), you want to take the time to see them and feel that closeness. I just came back from the ATL so I didn’t have to travel quite as far but I feel you, and I know the weather was fabulous.

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