About Me

My name is Catarina ( means “Pure” ) born in the Dominican Republic (¡Soy Caribeña de pura sepa!), I was brought up in The Netherlands and currently living in Aruba (located near Curaçao). I speak and write in four different languages, I love learning new things for example history, languages, editing etc… sometimes I can be very creative!

I consider myself an outspoken, sincere, honest, opinionated and most of the time I’m loud. (Duh!)

I started to blog a few years ago afterwards stopped blogging and in 2017 I was encouraged to start blogging again. My blog is about beauty, but I also enjoy writing about my personal life, motherhood and everything else in between. From a very young age I enjoyed using products since my mother was a hair stylist, it’s something that runs in the family and just love everything about beauty in general.

Thank you to everyone supporting me on this blogging journey!

We have to start somewhere to get anywhere!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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