Doctor Cabello πŸ–€ Ligao de Leche πŸ–€ HAIR MASK

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Maybe you know that I did go short I thought that it would be easier for me to maintane a shorter hair honestly it’s almost like having long hair, the only difference would be the length. It takes me less time to prepare though and that’s definitely a positive point. To keep my beautiful curls, maintaining a healthy hair and ofcourse for the growth I’ve using this hair mask almost daily, it’s been keeping my hair moistuzed and beautiful!

Skincare Declutter #1

This past week I’ve been noticing the amount of products I have on my small vanity top and was like…I cannot keep on going like this. As you saw from my previous post First Time Buying Korean Skincare From SistersBeautyRecipe I’ve purchsed more skincare and I’m really hesitant to open the Miracle Cream but then I think to myself do I really want to open the new products? Nope..I rather finish first the products that have been opened already.

Dove with Nutrium Moisture 🧼Body Wash🧼

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Like I mentioned a few days ago on my twitter I LOVE Dove’s Body Wash and it’s actually funny because that day I went to pick up my youngest at school I told him; ” let’s go with mommy to the pharmacy/drugstore” and if you know me I can walk in there and see all the products they have, read everything and see what’s new!

Feet Care During Quarantine πŸ’šπŸ¦ΆπŸ½ Get Ready to be Pampered!

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If you have been reading my blog for a while you might already know about this foot cream. In difficult times like these that you can’t go to a spa to get a pedicure, your feet are ashy, white and dry. You need a quick replacement or help with your feet this Luxe Foot CrΓ¨me might be the go to for after you are done with your home pedicure.

Drugstore NUDES πŸ’„ Affordable Lippies

Nudes have been really in ever since Kim Kardashian made it a worldwide trend, I’m almost sure we all have some beautiful nude lippies in our makeup collection I think it’s a must have.Whether you have rose, pink or brown nudes all are part of the nude family. You can easily create any makeup look with a matching lovely nude color all the way from high-end to drugstore nude lippies. These are some of what I have that I love using on any occasion

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

As a coffee lover myself I just imagined how great would it be if I shared gifts ideas or gifts I would want and like. I know there’s many coffee lovers out there and especially at home stay moms and working moms.