Thoughts of a Mom | Women Empowerment

Have you ever thought what or how we are going to do after all of this goes back to “normal”. You are a mother of a nine year old and almost six year old boys and how exactly are we going to do this? Should we just quit our jobs to stay with our children just so we can protect them?

🍴FOOD REVIEW🍴 || McCallum’s Coffee Flakes

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I remember we went on our monthly Pricesmart shopping, it’s almost like Costco and as usual we pass by each row and see everything and at the same time we shop for all the goodies that we use the most during the month. For example big bag of rice, coffee, coffee filters, veggies etc. 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

As a coffee lover myself I just imagined how great would it be if I shared gifts ideas or gifts I would want and like. I know there’s many coffee lovers out there and especially at home stay moms and working moms.

πŸ‘ L’oreal Paradise Enchanted |Eyeshadow Palette πŸ‘

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Yesterday I went to the drugstore and went specifically to buy an eyeliner, concealer and mascara because I had thrown away my old mascara normally when I feel my eyes itching than I know for a fact that I need to change mine.

Alhydran Cracked Dry Skin Care | Review

There’s many months during the year that you skin tend to be very dry, I would use lotions and then after a few minutes I feel my skin dry and a bit cracked.

Do You Believe In The Afterlife? | Spirituality πŸ‘»

Before you say anything you are probably thinking why is she writing about ghost, if we are in the Holiday season. The reason is simple I was watching Huff Paranormal by the way I have been watching him for over four or five years, I enjoy the content that he has been putting out for several years now.