5 Quick & Easy Ingredients to make this lunch!

This video wasn’t planned at all I filmed it spontaneously today since I was hungry and didn’t know what to eat. In the morning I ate Chorizo, Arepitas, Cream Cheese and a cup of coffee which I never fail to do in the morning. So that’s why I thought .. I need something filling but not greasy, quick to make and tasty!

Vo5 Purifying Shampoo DETOX with Micellar Water

Wishing you a very productive, blessed and amazing week ever, we have entered a new month the month of May 2021. Last month flew by so quickly I’m shook literally though. But nonetheless I’m excited for this month especially since my youngest son turns seven years old God willing and hopefully more exciting events will be taking place this month.

Minimalist Home Decor Ideas 🌿🪴🌵 Support Local

Happy Friday everyone! 🌿 Today I will be sharing with you three Minimalist Home Decor Ideas and in these three home decor ideas I will be also sharing three local businesses that have stand out while I’m writing this post. They’re very creative, colorful and the most important part all are handcrafted items.

Songs I’ve Been Listening To | Current Playlist April 2021

Since I have been more involved with the internet I also became more interested to listen to new music, watch the latest movies and series on Netlix. Whenever I see new music videos I always start like this; “OMG look at her, ugh don’t like this music at all”. After a few days I either listen it at work since we have online radio station or I myself will put on the same music I said I didn’t like!

Wokali Vitamin E Keratin Oleo Intensive Care

Good morning beautiful readers! Today I have a new product review for you which is the Wokali Vitamin E & Keratin Repairing Hair Mask I picked this product up at a Asian department store called Island Asia, the name is so obvious right? My first reaction was; ‘Oh it has Vitamin E and Keratin for the hair hmm.. interesting!’. In my shower I have the same brand but the conditioner later on I will write a review about it too just to see if there’s any difference between these two products.

First time seeing these products didn’t think much of it since I love trying out hair care products because my hair is very dry especially me going to the beach and using our pool from time to time, I need to put back the moisture back onto the hair and of course it also has to do with what you eat and vitamins which are so helpful when you want your hair to be healthier.