3 Autumn Home Decorations from ETSYπŸ‚πŸŽƒππ₯π¨π π­π¨π›πžπ«

Here we are again with some amazing Autumn Essentials for around the house, something that is gonna make you feel the Autumn vibes all the way through. And not only that but you are also supporting smaller businesses this way. There are so many small businesses that give you top quality products and service.

Hello Blogtober 2021!

Hola everyone! Wishing everyone a healthy and blessed day today October 1st, I cannot believe how fast the past few months have passed by it’s literally mind blowing.

Quality Of My Thoughts | ChitChat✨

Not gonna lie .. I’ve been feeling tired, tired of work, tired of the routine, mentally exhausted. It is no ones fault just me feeling this way.

I hoped this post would be a fun one .. fall related or just a lovely beauty review but I guess not. Wishing of feeling better mentally and being able to post weekly like most bloggers do.

Spa Day At Home Essentials!

Happy Friday beautiful humans how are you doing? As you noticed I took a good two weeks or maybe a little more off from blogging, since then we got a few days break from the daily routine we stayed in the hotel. All four of us really needed this break so much stress and the daily routine had us really f up and tired all the time. Not only tired but we always had some kind of argument it’s been something for sure.