Self Care Friday!

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It’s friday most of us get home from work so tired and want to just relax put on a facemask and relax! The importance of self care comes in many different ways. Here are a few products of taking care of yourself from the inside out!

Green Tea Cleanse & Detox Kit 🍵 Teami Blends 🍵

This blog post uses affiliate links. I receive no money to write it!

Green Tea Cleanse + Detox Kit includes two super food beauty must haves that will leave your skin feeling soft, clean and nourished!

One of the key ingredient is Tea ingredient in this set is Green Tea, the reason why is because; Originating in Eastern Asia, Green Tea has been used for centuries as a natural skincare treatment due to its intensely hydrating and repairing properties! 

Facial Oil Mini Kit ‘Repairing Soothing & Glowing’ Skin!

Photo Credit: TeamiBlends

This blog post uses affiliate links. I receive no money to write it!

As you know Oils and Serums are one of the most popular skin care at the moment it has more skin benefits, absorbs quicker and you can also use it for other parts of your body that usually need the extra care. Recently I have been using serums and oils in my skin care routine and I actually love it!

In this Facial Oil Mini Kit you’ll receive; Glow Facial Oil Mini – 10ml, Repair Facial Oil Mini – 10ml, Soothe Facial Oil Mini – 10ml and Clear Quartz Facial Roller. Each one of them in full size you’ll be paying $40.00 for each bottle which is better but… this facial kit allows you to try all of them for a much better deal. And from there you can see which one you like better. And love those cute bottles because you can always refill them and use them when traveling for me it’s a win win situation.