Sence Reawaken • Body Butter

As promised today I have a new product review haven’t done one of these in a while. Today’s product is a Shea Butter scented Body Butter by Sence.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas🎁🎄

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Happy Wednesday! As I’m writing this is December 23rd which makes tomorrow Christmas Eve, I mentioned in my post here that Hispanic/Latinx community celebrates December 24 called “Noche Buena”. We start marinating all meats today and leave all the flavour soak in for 12 to 24hrs. My partner and I are preparing the meats today but mostly my partner though because I will be going to work in a bit. He’s a great chef and I can completely trust him in the kitchen..lucky me!

The Sunshine Blogger Award

As I’m writing this it’s almost Christmas which means I’m super late posting this post but in the same breath I would love and thank Helen from Crispy Confessions for nominating me for this AWESOME and thoughtful award. Didn’t think I would get nominated before the years ends really. She has been so amazing to the #writingcommunity and to so many bloggers please check her out on Twitter and Instagram she makes great and informative content!

4 Beauty Products I’m Taking Into 2021 | Blogmas🎄🤶🏾

Today on Blogmas Day 9 I am writing about Four Products I’m Taking With Me Into 2021, all these products are products that I’ve been using daily. Products I can trust and they actually work!

Under $10 Beauty Gift Guide | Blogmas

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If you know me you know how much I adore skincare and just beauty products in general . Love seeing good deals in stores or online and ofcourse as soon as I can I make sure to grab whatever I saw on promotion.

Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails🌸

Maybe you know that I work in a store and we use many chemicals to clean surfaces, floors and our hands. Ever since I have been using it everyday (no kidding) my hands feel so soft and moisturized! I wish I had a travel size to carry it in my bag when I go to work. Amazing!

Blogger Recognition Award

I want to sent a huge thanks to MindBeautySimplicity for nominating me for this award, it truly means a new accomplishment for me before this year ends. She gives great tips on how to live more with less. You are gonna love her!

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Host

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Today I will be sharing a few Christmas Gift Ideas For The Host with you they are all handmade with love for the host. All of them are personalized which makes it a more intimate gift. Therefore you will be also supporting smaller businesses during this holiday. Have you bought any gift yet?