Gift Guide For Halloween Lovers

Happy Thursday! Wishing you all an amazing day and one day before weekend which is absolutely awesome, hope all is well with you. Today is October 21st,2021 exactly ten days for Halloween.

5 Haunted Locations Around The WorldΒ 

We are only twelve days away from Halloween and even though I will be probably working that day or evening, I truly enjoy all the Halloween costumes, makeup, nails, let’s just say the entire vibe. πŸ–€πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ

The History Of β€œLa Chupacabra” πŸ‘»

If you grew up in a Spanish speaking household during the years of 1990’s and the year of 2000 you must of heard of La Chupacabra, many times as a kid I was scared whenever I heard of this β€˜boogie man’ in my head.

This was an easy way to scare a kid especially for us that loved playing outside after dark, there was no way in the earth you would’ve stayed outside whenever one of your siblings or one of your parents would call out that name. A pretty good scare technique I would say!

Must-Have Fall Handbags ✨ Blogtober Day 14 βœ¨

Today is Day 14 of Blogtober and the final day… it definitely was a ride of excitement, tiredness and joyful to say the least. I had so much fun doing this challenge with many other bloggers, supporting each other, and sharing their post gave me this satisfaction of YES! We did it again!

Three Books I Want To Read This FallπŸ‚

Been looking for the perfect book to read which I haven’t found yet but I did start reading a sample from this book called Becoming by Michelle Obama and it’s quite interesting so far. And to be completely honest I don’t like the Amazon Kindle or the Goodreads application neither. I’m old school just give me a hardcover book, for me it only feels right to do so.