Christmas Festive Nails ✨

Good morning! Can you believe that tomorrow is actually Christmas Eve and for all Hispanic/Latina/o’s it’s Noche Buena. Today many of us are gonna be busy with all the food preparations.

Drugstore Skincare Brands To Try This Xmas!

Happy Thursday! yes…I’m back with more Blogmas posts I know I know I’ve been lacking on posting my Blogmas content and my excuses for that. Been very busy arranging some personal things over here but besides that I hope you all are doing well.

Vegan Dinner & Noche Buena

Being part of a Dominican household we love celebrating the Christmas season with food, we make traditional spaghetti, niΓ±o envuelto, flan, asopao, sancocho and the list goes on and on.

Eco-Friendly Xmas Home Decor

Decorations are important during holiday especially CHRISTMAS everyone loves the lights, reindeers, snowflakes, christmas trees and you name it!

Blogmas 2021 πŸŽ„ INTRO πŸŽ„

It’s OFFICIALLY Christmas season and I’m beyond excited! Wasn’t sure if I should be part of Blogmas this year but I had so much fun last year decided to start writing right away.

Traveling Alone to the Dominican Republic

Good evening everyone! You might have noticed that I haven’t been active on my social medias accounts and that’s because I traveled to the Dominican Republic on Oct 31. I came here not on a vacation but more so a family health situation.

5 Affordable Self Care Products That Will Help You De-Stress & Relax

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been a bit MIA work has me really occupied working eight hours a day then come home to be a parent so it haven’t been easy in the same breath I’ve been working on Blogtober so excited about it, will be only doing fourteen days of Blogtober also had to take a break from writing because my head was about to explode and it still feels like exploding.