4 Stereotypical Assumptions People Have Of Me

Happy Friday wishing all my lovely readers a blessed, relaxed and fun weekend! Today I’m bringing to you another post I was tagged by Shelly from Growing With Spawn you can read her post here! She has some amazing, creative and straight forward great content. Each time I can I check out her posts. We both can relate on so much and also because we both millennials, she is always supporting me on socials and on my blog. I Have much love and appreciation for her as a person and as a blogger friend!

Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her!! 🌸💖

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Normally I wouldn’t participate in blogging about Valentine’s Day because I don’t celebrate it just for the fact that I think that Valentine’s day should be everyday, treating your partner right at all times and not just one day out of the year.  Treating right for me means little things like rubbing your partners back or feet, watch a movie together. Out the kids to bed and simply talk and eat a snack together.