Doctor Cabello πŸ–€ Ligao de Leche πŸ–€ HAIR MASK

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Maybe you know that I did go short I thought that it would be easier for me to maintane a shorter hair honestly it’s almost like having long hair, the only difference would be the length. It takes me less time to prepare though and that’s definitely a positive point. To keep my beautiful curls, maintaining a healthy hair and ofcourse for the growth I’ve using this hair mask almost daily, it’s been keeping my hair moistuzed and beautiful!

Thoughts of a Mom | Women Empowerment

Have you ever thought what or how we are going to do after all of this goes back to “normal”. You are a mother of a nine year old and almost six year old boys and how exactly are we going to do this? Should we just quit our jobs to stay with our children just so we can protect them?